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Gigabyte K83 Keyboard Review In India

So we all must be wondering if Gigabyte K83 is a good keyboard for gaming or not? This is our review.

With it’s simple but elegant design it is really an eye-catching combo. If you are one of those people who doesn’t like the RGB lighting then he should definitely check out this keyboard.

Gigabyte K83 Review in IndiaGigabyte Keyboard K83 Review in India

It costs around 3000 rupees and it has genuine Cherry MX blue switches. It is a big deal but I think they couldn’t manage to sell it at that price.

So TVS switched from German Cherry MX switches to Chinese Long Hua switches and as a person who would want the best typing experience possible,

This is a deal-breaker. But enter the gigabyte k83 mechanical keyboard and we have got genuine cherry switches, it has a much better and modern design and this keyboard gets so much right that it’s surprising that it’s not so popular.

I think this keyboard looks really good, elegant and classy and a keyboard which has a clean look to it. Gigabyte has tried really hard to make it look as good as they could make it and I really appreciate their effort. It has a minimalistic but modern design element to it which I really adore.

In addition to being as compact as possible for a full-sized keyboard, it has a floating keycaps design which is really one of my favorite because it makes cleaning the keyboard really easy.

K83 doesn’t just have a classy elegant look to it but it’s also built with metal in it.

It has a metal plate on which the key switches are inserted, which keeps it sturdy while typing and it won’t slip. It’s so great to have it at this price point.

At back you have two feet to raise it at an angle, and while the cable isn’t braided, It’s still strong and thick. The LED indicators are blue, they aren’t diffused which makes them look a bit cheap, but it is a minor issue. The ABS keycaps are good enough, they feel a little too light and thin and the printing on the keys also isn’t great, but they are way better than the “TVS Gold Keyboard”. This also offers the N key rollover, which the Bharat Gold didn’t offer. So you shouldn’t have any issues while gaming.

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In the Gigabyte K83 Keyboard, There are media keys available in the function row, which you can use by pressing them with the function key but three major complaints

I have about this keyboard is that they replaced the menu key with the function and

I use the right menu a lot for typing so this key is almost a deal-breaker for someone who types a lot, but you can use Shift + F10 instead for when you really need it.

The second complaint I have is that you are forced to use two hands to change volume, because you have to press the function key, with F2 and F3 which are too far away from each other.

They could have just done this functionality on-page up and page down keys like how the cooler master has done for their keyboard or even F11 or F12

because I change my media volume very frequently.

The last thing which annoys me is that they have a windows lock button for gaming which is okay but this has replaced the Windows logo key and that makes it difficult to use many shortcuts like switching between multiple monitors.

The highlight feature of this keyboard is, of course, the genuine Cherry MX blue switches which are really hard to come by these days. I think Gigabyte K83 will go really well with your gaming needs and it’s more than enough if you are not interested in RGB light keyboards.

This is available in Cherry MX Brown and Red Respectively. The gaming experience is as good as you would expect from a Cherry MX keyboard. I don’t think that you can get a better keyboard experience at that price point. Apart from the drawbacks and ignoring the volume and menu key issue, I don’t think they could have made a better basic mechanical keyboard in a budget-friendly way. The design and classy simplicity are all great. I don’t think you can get a better cherry experience of typing than this one. You should definitely go for Gigabyte K83 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard in India.

So this was our review about Gigabyte K83 Gaming mechanical Keyboard which is Available in Amazon right now.

You can also check out their website if you like to know more about the keyboard. Click here 

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