Download Latest Magisk V21.0 and Magisk Manager with Installation Guide

Download Latest Magisk v21.0 and Magisk Manager v8.0.0 with a Detailed and Step by Step Installation Guide.

Magisk is the best way to Root Android smartphones because it is a system-less method. Also, it is more than just a Rooting method; you can download and install Modules via Magisk Manager to customize and add new features to the Android.

Download links for Magisk and Magisk Manager are given below and if you are new to this and don’t know how to install Magisk then check out the Installation guide.

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So let’s get started

Table of Contents

Download Magisk and Magisk Manager

Magisk Download Link
Magisk V23.0 Download
Magisk V22.1 Download
Magisk V22.0 Download
Magisk V21.4 Download
Magisk V21.3 Download
Magisk V21.2 Download
Magisk V21.1 Download
Magisk v21.0 Download
Magisk v20.4 Download
Magisk v20.3 Download
Magisk v20.2 Download
Magisk v20.1 Download
Magisk v20 Download
Magisk v19.4 Download
Magisk v19.3 Download
Magisk v19.2 Download
Magisk v19.1 Download
Magisk v18.1 Download
Magisk v17.3 Download
Magisk v16.7 Download
Magisk v15.4 Download
Magisk v14.5 Download
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Magisk manager Version Download Link
Magisk Manager V8.0.7 Download
Magisk Manager V8.0.6 Download
Magisk Manager V8.0.5 Download
Magisk Manager V8.0.4 Download
Magisk Manager V8.0.3 Download
Magisk Manager V8.0.2 Download
Magisk Manager V8.0.1 Download
Magisk Manager v8.0.0 Download
Magisk Manager v7.5.1 Download
Magisk Manager v7.5.0 Download
Magisk Manager v7.4.0 Download
Magisk Manager v7.3.5 Download
Magisk Manager v7.3.4 Download
Magisk Manager v7.3.2 Download
Magisk Manager v7.3.1 Download
Magisk Manager v7.3.0 Download
Magisk Manager v7.2.0 Download
Magisk Manager v7.1.1 Download
Magisk Manager v7.1.0 Download
Magisk Manager v7.0.0 Download
Magisk Manager v6.1.0 Download
Magisk Manager v6.0.1 Download
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3 October 2020: John Wu released the Magisk V21.0 along with Magisk manager v8.0.0. This new Magisk release comes to the support of Android 11 and a redesigned Magisk Manager.

What is Magisk

Download Magisk

Rooting an Android Device opens the gate to endless Mods and Customization options available for Android. In fact, one of the biggest advantages of Android over iOS is its customizability.

Best Rooting method for Android

Magisk is a rooting method to gain Root access on Android devices. But unlike previous methods, Magisk does it without touching the System Partition which makes it the best rooting method.

What is a System Partition and why should it not be touched? Well, An Android device contains partitions and one of them is System partition. Previously, tools like SuperSU, modified the System partition to gain root access which in turn triggered Google’s safety net. Not to mention that the safety net can find out if the System partition is modified which restrict the banking apps and other apps like Netflix to work on a rooted device

System-less Root

John Wu, a skilled developer, developed Magisk. Magisk modifies the System partition without making modification in the System partition. All the modification stays in Boot partition, this is called System-less root. Hence Magisk successfully tricks the Safety net and you can still use Apps which doesn’t work on Rooted Android device.

Customize the Android with Modules

However, Magisk exceeds more than a Rooting method. Also, Magisk allows you to use Mods and Customize your Android Device without modifying the System partition. You may have heard about Xposed Framework which is used to add features by Installing Modules, well, Magisk is the Modern version of Xposed. Moreover, there are lots of Modules available for Magisk.

What is Magisk Manager

Magisk Manager is an app used along with Magisk to manage root permissions. Particularly, you can hide root from apps of your choice as Magisk allows to hide the root from the apps. Additionally, you can also search, download and Install Modules which are simply small application used to bring features but without touching the System partition

Why use Magisk

There are many reasons to use Magisk, not just as a Rooting method but for the Customization also. Here are some reasons to use Magisk

  • System-less Root
  • You can Hide the Root from Apps
  • Use Banking Apps
  • System-less Modules
  • Receive OTAs
  • Easily Installable and Removable.

How to Install Magisk

Installing Magisk is a simple and straight forward task

You need:

  • Custom Recovery in Place (TWRP recommended)
  • Magisk Zip
  • Magisk Manager

You need a Custom Recovery flashed in your Device. There are many guides available to flash it but it is quite simple, here are the steps:

  • Make sure all the drivers are installed (ADB and fastboot and your device’s driver) and then Download the TWRP
  • Place it in adb folder and rename it to twrp.img
  • Boot the Device into Fastboot or Bootloader mode and Connect it to PC
  • Open Powershell window or Command window in the adb folder
  • Type this:

fastboot flash recovery twrp.img

  • After the successful flash, type this to Reboot the device

fastboot reboot

Steps for Installing Magisk and Magisk Manager

Step 1: Download Magisk

Download the latest Magisk zip and Magisk Manager from Above.

Install the Magisk Manager

Place the Magisk Zip file in the Internal Storage

Step 2: Flash the Magisk in Custom Recovery

Boot into the Custom recovery by pressing the combination of buttons for your device

Go to the Install section and Go to the folder where you placed Magisk Zip file

Tap on the Zip file and Slide the bar to flash the Magisk zip

After Succesful flashing, Reboot the Device

Step 3: Verify the Installation

Enable “Unknown Source” in settings

Install Magisk Manager and Open it

You will see Green ticks with installed Magisk version on the screen

Note: If the device goes into a Bootloop then flash the Magisk uninstaller given above.
How to Install Magisk

How to Use Magisk Manager

Now that you have Installed the Magisk successfully, its time to use it.

How to Hide root from apps

  1. Open the Magisk Manager app
  2. Tap on the  Hamburger menu given on the left side
  3. Tap on “Magisk Hide”
  4. This will give a list of Apps installed on your device
  5. Tick on all the app which you want to hide from the safety net

That’s it

Magisk Hide apps

How to Download and Use Modules

Modules are one of the main features of Magisk Manager. Modules are the small application or Custom Mods which are used to bring features to Android.

To Download a Module:

  1. Open the Magisk Manager App
  2. Tap on the hamburger menu on left side
  3. Tap on “Download”
  4. You can see all the installed Modules in “Modules”

Magisk Modules

Best Magisk Modules

Top 10 Android Mods for Magisk Manager 2018! [ROOT]

Xposed Framework

Xposed is a framework used to modify Android by installing Modules. It adds features to the Android by simply installing some APKs instead of flashing a whole new ROM.

When Magisk came, Xposed lost the attention because Magisk did the same thing without touching the System Partition and Xposed had some problems with Android Nougat.

But then Xposed came as a Magisk Module which means that you can use Xposed systemless-ly. Xposed has a large Module catalog, much bigger than Magisk’s.

Youtube vanced

Youtube Vanced is a complete Youtube app with all essential and useful features which are missing in the official Youtube app.

The UX is the same as the Youtube app. Apart from a custom Logo, the whole app is the same as the official Youtube app.

Some key features of Youtube Vanced

  • Blocks all YouTube ADs
  • Background playback feature
  • Override¬†Max¬†Resolution
  • Togglable Theme (White/Dark/Black)
  • PiP
  • Video¬†window¬†new¬†or old style
  • Repeat¬†video¬†feature
  • Preferred Resolution & Speed feature
  • Swipe controls for Volume and Brightness


Are you an Audiophile? If yes, then you need to Install Viper4Android. The amount of Modification and Tuning features it gives is Mind Blowing.


Greenify is used to Hibernate apps in the background. Especially if you are facing battery drain issues or slow performance issues then Greenify can help. It completely stops the apps in the background either automatically or manually.

Cloudflare DNS

Cloudflare DNS is the fastest DNS in the market right now. Alternatively, if you are using Android Pie then you can simply enable it in VPN settings but if you are on Oreo or below then use Cloudflare DNS

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