How to Root OnePlus Nord With Magisk [Easy Way]

Are you looking to Root your OnePlus Nord? If yes then you are in the right place. In this post, you will find a Step by Step Guide to Root your OnePlus Nord with Magisk. For now, this guide includes the method that needs no TWRP, but as soon as the TWRP comes out for Nord, we will update the post.

To root OnePlus Nord, start with extracting the Boot.img from Stock ROM. After that, Install the Magisk Manager and patch the Boot.img file, and finally flash the Boot.img file with Fastboot. All the steps are given in detail in our post.

An Android Enthusiast is well aware of rooting and its benefits that put Android on the bright sight against its rival iOS. Rooting is simply unlocking the root-level access, so you can modify the system files that are not accessible without root access. And with John Wu’s Magisk, you can root the device systemless and also install all the Magisk Modules systemless. “Systemlessly” does not modify the /system files that mean it does not trip the Safety net.

How to root OnePlus Nord

Table of Contents

Download Section

ADB and Fastboot Tool

Stock ROM for OnePlus Nord

Payload Dumper (Use it to Extract Boot.img file from payload.bin from OTA update zip file)

USB Drivers

Magisk Manager

Magisk Zip (Only if you have TWRP installed)

  • If you have already flashed a Custom Recovery like TWRP, then simply flash the Magisk Zip using the Recovery, otherwise, follow the guide given below that needs no TWRP.

How to Root OnePlus Nord

Step 1: Unlock the Bootloader

Step 2: Download Firmware for OnePlus Nord and Extract Boot.img

Step 3: Patch the Boot.img using Magisk Manager

Step 4: Flash the Patched Boot.img using PC (fastboot)

Let see all steps in detail:

Step 1: Unlock the Bootloader, Enable OEM Unlock, and USB Debugging

  • Enable USB Debugging and OEM Unlock in developers options ( Tap a few times on Build no. to unlock Developers options)
  • Enable Advance Reboot in the Developer option and then Reboot the Device into Bootloader mode
  • Connect the device to PC and Open Powershell or Command Window by Shift + Right Click
  • Type this Command to Confirm if the device is connected and Fastboot is working

fastboot devices

  • Type this Command to Unlock the Bootloader

For Windows

fastboot oem unlock

For macOS

./fastboot oem unlock

On your OnePlus Nord, there will be two new options, select the Unlock Bootloader option using Volume keys and press Power Button to Confirm it

And that its, the device is now unlocked, that means you can give the command to it via fastboot, that can be used to flash TWRP, Boot images, and other img files

Step 2: Download Firmware for OnePlus Nord and Extract Boot.img

  • Download the Stock ROM/Firmware from Download Section, Download Fastboot ROM if available.
  • Extract the zip file and you will find a file named boot.img
  • In the case of OTA ROM, Extract the ROM ZIP file and use Payload Dumper to extract the Boot.img from payload.bin.
  • Copy the file to your OnePlus Nord

Step 3: Patch the Boot.img using Magisk Manager

  • Download Magisk Manager Manager from above and Install it
  • Open the App and Click on Install Magisk
  • Then choose the option “Select and Patch a File”

Magisk Select and Patch Boot.img file

  • Choose the boot.img you previously moved to OnePlus Nord
  • It will produce a patched file named magisk_patched.img in the Download folder.

Step 4: Flash the Patched Boot.img using PC (fastboot)

  • Move the Patched magisk_patched.img to the pc in C:/adb folder
  • Boot the device to Fastboot mode by using Advance reboot menu (Can be enabled in Developer options)
  • Connect the OnePlus Nord to your PC, Make sure all drivers are Installed, including ADB and Fastboot
  • Shift + Right-click and open PowerShell window or command window
  • Type this command to make sure the device is connected

fastboot devices

  • If the device is connected, then it will return the Fastboot ID
  • Next, type this command to flash Patched boot image, Make sure that patched boot image is named magisk_patched.img

fastboot flash boot magisk_patched.img

  • This will flash the patched boot image file, Now type this command to reboot to system

fastboot reboot

  • Go to the Magisk Manager app to check the root status

Magisk Manager Root status

So, these were the steps to root OnePlus Nord. If you have any trouble in any step, then let us know in the comment section. Also, Follow us on Twitter for updates about Android.

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