why is instagram getting rid of likes?

Why Is Instagram Removing Likes?

Why Is Instagram Getting Rid Of LikesWhy Is Instagram is Getting Rid Of Likes Feature from It’s App?

Why Is Instagram Removing Likes?

Today we are going to talk about it and we’ll see what celebrities’ reaction is too. So we are going to talk about something that is shocking the whole country right now. It is already happening in the USA. So why exactly is Instagram getting rid or removing likes so aggressively?

There are a few reasons behind them so even CEO Mark Zuckerberg was seen speaking about it, His idea is to try and depressurize Instagram. I totally understand because if you think about the 90s kids they grew up in the time when Instagram was not even existing and people would interact by calling or meeting each other. On the contrary,

The last few years have got a lot crazy with everyone using social media. I think people started valuing other people by the number of likes they get on the Instagram or be it any social media platform which should not be happening, let’s be honest, it is very unhealthy for young people.

I think the idea of Instagram to me, when I first created my account in it was that I was sharing the funny stuff with my friends and things like you know I don’t want to lose that photo so I am just gonna post it on Instagram.

So let’s face it, normal people don’t really know what the algorithm is all about and kind of trying to time your post so that you get more likes and all that stuff is a lot of stuff that we don’t need to be thinking about

Especially for just a normal person that’s a lot of pressure. In my opinion, it’s a good idea, to be honest in fact I will just tell you the reason why I feel that weighs down,

People won’t be judging each other on the number of likes they get on Instagram anymore.

Apparently how it is going to look like is we will be able to see our own likes so normally when it says that name and 500 others like our photo, it will instead say name and others liked our photo but then when we click it we will able to see who liked it but it just won’t say the number.

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So I think that’s not like an extreme measure if you can still see who is liking your photo who is liking others photos so the creeping abilities are technically still there you just have to work a little harder. Now obviously everyone had mixed reactions including celebrities but some celebrities are really not happy about it including Nicki Minaj who literally went on Twitter Rant  and one of the tweets said that she is not going to post on Instagram after the likes are removed.

I think that many of us are going to have a mixed reaction over this new Instagram update because many countries have a fixed notion towards likes and how they perceive the person who has lots of likes. Also what I’ve noticed is that people post a lot of negative comments just to get attention and liking the comments feature just adds up to it.

So let’s break this down, the concept is of reaching out to brands right now. And the big brands, they reach out to an influencer that they think will fit their brand the best. They can look at their profile and see how they kind of fit in with their brand. Look at their metrics to see what kind of audience they are having for engagement. So to end it,

I would just say that this will be a balanced end and there are bound to be mixed reactions to it but eventually we all are going to adjust to this new Instagram update. So This is why Instagram is getting rid of likes features.

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