Get these 10+ Android P Features on any Android Device

Android P features on any Device

Google has released Android P beta for many Devices which showcase some of the major features of Android P. If your device is not in the list of Beta program then you can bring some Android P style and features in your Device.

There are many ways to do this. Developers have already ported some features from Android P beta to other Android Devices. In this post, We will show you how to get 10+ Android Style and features on any Android Devices.

As some of these apps need Root access, Xposed Framework and Magisk Manager. I recommend you to take a backup of all of your data before rooting your Device or installing Xposed Framework.

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Get 10+ Android P features on any Device

Android P Launcher

The easiest and fastest way to get Android P style is to install Rootless Pixel Launcher which is based on Android P launcher.

Android P launcher


The new Android P launcher does not contain any major improvement or feature over the Oreo Pixel Launcher.  There are more rounded edges, redesigned Panels which comes by Long Pressing the Home screen and a redesigned Widget Panel.

Android P Launcher 2

Download the App from here.

You need to uninstall any previous Pixel Launcher from your Device.

Add these Android P Features on any Device:

  1. New QS tiles design
  2. The clock on the left side
  3. Force SystemUI dark theme when using static wallpapers (8.1 only)
  4. New rounded search bar and colored icons in settings app
  5. New app transitions

All these features can be obtained by one App or Module, Android P-ify.

Android P-ify

How to Install Android P-ify:

  • You need Root access and Xposed Framework installed on your Device.
  • You can root your device by flashing Magisk Manager and then Install this Magisk Module which installs Xposed Framework.
  • If you are not using Magisk Manager then Check out this Post to install Xposed Framework.
  • Download and Install Android P-ify and Activate the Module in Xposed Framework app
  • Reboot the Device

You can also use the Substratum theme Engine for better and faster Customization (Given below).

Android P Navigation Bar

Android P Navigation bar

There are no big changes in the Navigation bar of Android P, it still looks like Android Oreo Navigation bar. If you want Android P navigation bar then Install this Xposed Module. You need Xposed Framework for this to work, Check out above to install Xposed Framework.

[XPOSED] Pixel Navigation Bar
[XPOSED] Pixel Navigation Bar
Developer: paphonb
Price: Free

Theme the Whole Android UI using Substratum

The substratum is a theme Engine which uses Overlay Manager service (OMS) to bring customization to many elements of an Android UI. There are many themes available for Substratum but Flux theme is the best among them.

Flux white for Android P Notifications

Flux theme comes in two version: Flux and Flux White

Flux White is the theme which is based on Android P while Flux black is a darker version which replaces all whites space with Black. In order to get Android P Looks, Download the Flux White.

Flux White - Substratum Theme
Flux White - Substratum Theme
Developer: giannisgx89
Price: $1.49

How to Install Substratum Themes:

  • Install Substratum Theme engine, You need root access. Substratum works on some Android Nougat Custom ROMs without Root.
  • Download the Flux White and Install it
  • Go to the Substratum app and then Click on Flux White

How to install Flux White

  • Select your Android version and Click on “Build and Enable”

How to install Flux white 2

  • It will take some time to apply all the Layers


Android P Fonts, Emojis, and Bootanimation

Android P Beta comes with 157 new emojis which can be installed on your Device. This app also includes Fonts and Boot animation from Android P. The app is a Magisk Module which only works with Magisk Manager

Android P Emojis and Fonts

Install the App from Magisk Repo or Download it from here and then Install it.

Download the Bootanimation Module from here

Android P Gestures

[Discontinued] Navigation Gest
[Discontinued] Navigation Gest
Developer: XDA
Price: Free

Full-Screen Gestures first introduced on iPhone X. Android Introduced Gestures on Android P beta as an answer to iPhone. The Good news is that you can use these Gestures on your Device. Just Download the app and you are good to go.

Android P Gestures

In the Premium version of the App, you get these Features

  • Previous app (Android Nougat+)
  • Toggle split screen (Android Nougat+)
  • Pull down the notification shade
  • Pull down quick setting tiles
  • Open power menu
  • Skip to the previous media track
  • Skip to next media track
  • Play/pause current media track


Download all Android P Wallpapers from Here


If you also want Audio elements of Android P like Alarm Sound, Notification, and Ringtone) then Download them from Here.

So, Which one is your Favorite?

Do let us know which Mod you like the most to get Android P style and features on your device. And if you know any other Mod that brings Android P features, Let us know in the Comment section.

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