Top 11 Best Custom ROMs for Oneplus 3/3T

Best Custom Roms for Oneplus 3/3T

Oneplus 3/3T was one of the best smartphone of 2016. It gave Flagship level features and performance for half of the price of other flagship devices. The developer community also gave the attention to Oneplus 3/3T and we have now many Custom ROMs and Kernel which add more functionality to Stock Android.

In this post, We picked 11 best Custom ROMs for Oneplus 3/3T. We checked the features, Stability, Updates and User base of every Custom ROM and made this list.

Always Check the XDA thread of every Custom ROM before flashing. Some Custom ROMs need a specific firmware which the developer mentions on XDA thread with full details. And make sure to flash the right firmware, a Oneplus 3 firmware will not work on Oneplus 3T.

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A Custom Recovery is needed to flash Custom ROMs. Check out the Guide here

Table of Contents

List of best Custom ROM for Oneplus 3 and Oneplus 3T

  1. Resurrection Remix (3/3T)
  2. LineageOS 14.1 (3/3T)
  3. FreedomOS 3.2 (3/3T)
  4. Paranoid Android (3/3T)
  5. AICP (3/3T)
  6. Pheonix AEX (3/3T)
  7. LineageOS 15.0 (3/3T)
  8. AEX  (3/3T)
  9. Omni 7 (3/3T)
  10. Experience OS lite (Oneplus 3)
  11. CyanogenMod 14.1 (Oneplus 3)

ResurrectionRemix [Oneplus 3/3T]

Resurrection Remix

Resurrection Remix is one of best custom rom for Oneplus 3/3T. It is based on LineageOS with tons of Customizations. Some of the customizations are Status bar, Navigation bar, Animation, Gestures, App Circle bar, Recent panel, Lockscreen and much more

The ROM brings you the perfect combination of performance and battery life.

How to flash:

  • Download the latest build and Gapps
  • Take a nandroid backup
  • Wipe and factory reset
  • Flash latest firmware zip
  • Flash ROM and Gapps
  • Reboot.

ROM OS Version: 7.x Nougat

Based On: LineageOS

LineageOS 14.1 [Oneplus 3/3T]

Lineage OS

LineageOS is the successor of the successful Custom ROM i.e CyanogenMod. The UI of this ROM is neat and clean, but you can modify the looks, thanks to the Customization options in the ROM. This ROM has a good balance between performance and customization.

This ROM has almost no bugs and chances are that you will never find any bugs. It is also one of the most used ROM for Oneplus 3/3T.

How to flash:

  • Download the ROM and GApps
  • Boot into Custom Recovery
  • Perform a nandroid backup of your current ROM
  • Wipe data/factory reset
  • Flash LineageOS
  • Install the GApps
  • Reboot

ROM OS Version: 7.x Nougat

FreedomOS 3.2 [Oneplus 3/3T]

Freedom OS Review For Oneplus 3/3T (Rom with Best Battery Life)

Freedom OS is based on Oxygen OS but it is debloated. It offers a Stock ROM looks with some essential features. It is a highly customizable ROM with some highlighted features like:-

  • Permissive kernel
  • APT-X & APT-XHD support
  • Magic 11.1 with Magisk Manager
  • SuperSU | systemless 2.79 STABLE
  • Adaway
  • Substratum Theme Engine Legacy
  • Google DNS
  • MultiWindows
  • ARISE Sound System with Enforcing support
  • Sony Music Player
  • Google Assistant
  • Wideband wifi support over 2.4GHz

How to flash:

  • Download the ROM
  • Reboot to Custom Recovery
  • Make a nandroid backup
  • Clean flash Wipe data/system/dalvik/cache | Dirty Flash: Wipe System/Cache/Dalvik
  • Flash ROM by selecting ROM Zip file
  • Reboot

ROM OS Version: Android Oreo

ROM Firmware Required: Any

Based On: OxygenOS

Paranoid Android 7.3.1 [Oneplus 3/3T]

Paranoid Android

Paranoid 7.3.1 is based on CAF which brings improved performance for Qualcomm devices. The Paranoid team claims that this ROM works flawlessly in Oneplus 3/3T.

Apart from all Stock Android features, here are some major features of this ROM:

Pie: With the Material design which fits perfectly with Android, this features is to use more gesture-based control for navigating.

Color Engine:  Color Engine gives Light, Dark (Pixel) and Black modes with a variety of accent colors.

Pocket Lock: Prevents accidental inputs when the device is in your pocket by disabling input sources.

Accidental Touch:  It prevents any sort of accidental touch on hardware buttons while the touchscreen is in use. This feature comes handy while gaming or Web surfing.

How to flash: Follow this link

Download ROM

ROM OS Version: 7.x Nougat

ROM Kernel: Linux 3.x

ROM Firmware Required: Firmware included

Based On: CAF

AICP [Oneplus 3/3T]


ACIP (Ice Cold Project) that started on Desire HD and since then evolved into a mature ROM with its own community.

AICP based on CyanogenMod. This ROM already loaded with all useful features.

Download ROM

Android Version: Android Nougat

Based on: CyanogenMod

Phoenix AEX ROM [Oneplus 3/3T]


Phoenix AEX is based on another Custom ROM i.e AEX. AEX is based on AOSP and gives a good overall experience.

Phoenix AEX ROM is made by picking features from Resurrection Remix and Paranoid ROM, both of which are on our list.

Download ROM

ROM OS Version: 7.x Nougat

ROM Kernel: Linux 3.10.x

ROM Firmware Required: Included in the zip

Based On: AospExtended ROM

Lineage OS 15.0 (Oreo) [Oneplus 3/3T]

LineageOS 15.0

I have listed the LinegeOS 14.1 which is old but stable. This Lineage 15.0 is Android Oreo and is in Alpha state so there are some bugs. But as some notable developers working hard to make this ROM stable, you can try this ROM because it going to be stable in future.

Many bugs are already fixed and one major bug known is Volte (not working)(December 2017)

  • Download the build and GApps
  • Reboot to recovery
  • Full Wipe (Recommended)
  • Flash the latest build and Gapps
  • Reboot

ROM OS Version: 8.x Oreo

ROM Kernel: Linux 3.x

AospExtended-V5.0 [Oneplus 3/3T]


AOSP Extended is an AOSP based rom which provides stock UI with various customisations features along with the Substratum theme engine. Being based on AOSP it provides a smooth and lag-free experience out of the box.

Some features:

  • DUI(Fling/Pulse/Smartbar)
  • Substratum Theme Engine
  • Omni’s QSHeaders Background
  • One-Handed UI
  • Privacy Guard

and much much more

How to flash:

  • Download the ROM and GApps
  • Take a Backup (Use TWRP Recovery)
  • Make a full wipe (system, data, cache, dalvik)
  • Flash AEX Package and GApps
  • Wipe cache
  • Reboot

ROM OS Version: Oreo

ROM Firmware Required: OOS OB24/15 for 3/3T

Based On: AOSP


Omni 7 [Oneplus 3/3T]

How to flash: Check XDA thread

Download ROM

ROM OS Version: 7.x Nougat

ROM Firmware Required: 4.0.2

Based On: AOSP

ExperienceOS R31.0 Lite [Oneplus 3]

ExperienceOs is Custom ROM based on Oxygen OS. As you can see in the ROM Screenshots, the UI is similar to Stock Android. But there are some extra features which make this ROM better, some of them are:

  • Arise Sound System
  • Dolby Digital Plus
  • SuperSU/Magisk
  • Latest BusyBox
  • Debloated

and more

This ROM is perfect to use as a daily driver.

How to flash:

  • Download the ROM and Aroma Addon
  • Boot into Custom recovery
  • Wipe System, Data, and Cache
  • Flash the ROM and Aroma Addon
  • Reboot

ROM OS Version: Android 8.0.0 Oreo

Based on: Oxygen OS 

CyanogenMod 14.1 [Oneplus 3]


CyanogenMod is an open source Custom ROM for Android Devices. This ROM is based on the Android Open Source Project with extra contributions from many people within the Android community.

Talking about the bugs, there are few of them but nothing major. Like Facebook Video calls and CyanogenMod weather not working. Apart from that, pretty much everything works smoothly. Fingerprint, NFS (No Android pay), GPS, Call, Camera and other features are working.

How to flash: (Also Check out the XDA thread)

  • Make sure you are on 3.2.6 or 3.2.7 before flashing
  • Clean flash is always recommended (Wipe data before flashing)
  • Boot into recovery and flash this
  • Download the ROM and GApps
  • Flash Zip file of ROM and GApps
  • Reboot

ROM OS Version: 7.x Nougat

ROM Kernel: Linux 3.10.x

Firmware Required: Unlocked Bootloader & TWRP

Based On: CyanogenMod 14.1

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