Best Custom ROMs for Asus Zenfone 6 (Android 11)

Here is a list of Best Custom ROMs for Asus Zenfone 6 that is stable, well updated, and can be used as a daily driver. There are a couple of Android 11 Custom ROMs too on the list, although, the development is still going on the ROM to make them more stable.

If you want to try out the latest Android on your Zenfone 6, then flashing the custom ROM is one of the best ways to do it. A Custom ROM is an after-market firmware that can be flashed by users over the stock ROM.

Before flashing anything, make sure to take the full backup of your files and charge the device to at least 50% so no interruption occurs while flashing procedure. Also, visit the XDA thread of the ROM you wish to flash to check out the changelog, bugs, and flashing procedure.

Best Custom ROMs for Asus Zenfone 6

Table of Contents

List of Best Custom ROMs for Asus Zenfone 6

  1. BlissRoms (Android 11)
  2. AEX 8.0 (Android 11)
  3. Havoc OS (Android 10)
  4. BlissRoms (Android 10)
  5. Omnirom (Android 10)
  6. AEX 7.1 (Android 10)

BlissRoms (Android 11)

Download ROM

Bliss ROM is an AOSP based Custom ROM that comes from a non-profit organization. According to the Bliss ROM team, Bliss ROMs focus on Performance, battery, and customizations. You can also use Bliss ROM on any Windows or Linus tablet or PC released in the last 4 years and sync the apps and settings between the devices. You can read more about BlissROMs on their Website.

AEX 8.0 (Android 11)

Download ROM XDA Thread

AospExtended is an AOSP based custom ROM with some respectable amount of features. The UI is pure Stock Android with a Custom AEX wallpaper and an AEX boot animation.

There are three extra apps which are Via browser, Retro music player, and a Wallpaper app of AEX. Other than that, there is no bloat, and ROM is quite clean. If you ignore the customization options, the ROM can be said as Stock Android.

The Extension option in settings contains all the Customization options of ROM, There are a fair amount of features to customize the Status bar, Navigation bar, Lock screen, and System.

Havoc OS (Android 10)

Download ROM XDA Thread

HavocOS is AOSP based Custom ROM with one of the biggest Arsenal of Customization features. Thanks to the lead developers SKULSHADY and ZeNiXX, the ROM is highly customizable. The ROM’s UI and features are based on the Pixel OS. Talking about the Performance and Battery life, the ROM performs well and can be your daily driver.

Similar to Pixel Experience, HavocOS also provides the exclusive features of Pixel OS like Safety and Live Caption. The major advantage HavocOS holds over other ROMs is the number of features, which can a thing for some of the people looking to flash Custom ROM.

BlissRoms (Android 10)

Download ROM XDA Thread

This is the Android 10 based BlissRoms Custom ROM which is going to be more stable and a better daily driver compared to the newer Android 11 based BlissRoms.

Omnirom (Android 10)

Download ROM XDA Thread

OmniROM is an AOSP based Custom ROM with lots of features and stability. The ROM exist from the very old days and is one of the most trusted ROM among the Android community.

AEX 7.1 (Android 10)

Download ROM XDA Thread

AEX 7.1 is the Android 10 based Custom ROMs with more stability compared to the Android 11 based AEX 8.0. If you want a stable ROM as a daily driver, this ROM is good for you.

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