Best Custom ROMs for Sony Xperia XZ2 (Android 11 included)

In this post, we will take a look at some of the best custom ROMs for Sony Xperia XZ2 that can be used as a daily driver. We took many factors into consideration to make the list, like, the Stability of the ROM, update frequency, features, and performance.

In case you aren’t aware of Custom ROMs, these are after-market firmware that can be flashed over the Stock ROM, using a Custom Recovery. Custom ROMs bring lots of features, and if the developer is active enough, you will get monthly security updates.

As always, I will recommend you to take a backup of your files before flashing anything or Unlocking the bootloader. Some of the ROMs need a full format before flashing so make sure to check the XDA thread of every ROM before you flash the ROM.

Best Custom ROMs for Sony Xperia XZ2

Table of Contents

List of Best Custom ROMs for Sony Xperia XZ2

  1. LineageOS 18.0 (Android 11)
  2. LineageOS 17.1
  3. iodéOS
  4. Pixel Experience
  5. SonyAOSP 11 (Android 11)
  6. eXistenZ Quindim

LineageOS 18.0 (Android 11)

Download ROM XDA Thread

The Best Custom ROM for Sony Xperia XZ2 is LineageOS 17.1. It is the most used and most trusted Custom ROM out there. It was started as CyanogenMod and known to be the first custom ROM or firmware which was able to make its way to some smartphone as pre-installed default firmware.

LineageOS is based on AOSP code and you will hardly feel a difference from stock Android. There are some third-party apps like Trebuchet, AudioFX, Clock, Dialer. Jelly, Eleven Music Player, Recorder, Snap Camera. All the apps are useful and there are no Ads in them. LineageOS comes without a Google app or GApps, you have to install them after flashing the ROM. Due to its stability and performance, many other custom ROMs use LineageOS code as their base.

Android Version: Android 11

ROM Developer: Sjil

LineageOS 17.1

Download ROM XDA Thread

This is the Android 10 based LineageOS which brings all the latest LineageOS features. Compared to LineageOS 18, 17.1 is more stable and also has official status. If you are looking for a stable daily driver ROM then this might be the perfect choice for you.

Android Version: Android 10

ROM Developer: Sjil


Download ROM XDA Thread

iodeOS is a privacy-focused Custom ROM that is based on LineageOS 17.1 with the inclusion of MicroG along with an Ad Blocker. The feature set of iodeOS is not as big as other ROM but when it comes to ways this ROM is trying to protect your privacy, you cannot find any other ROM as this one.

First of all, The ROM comes with MicroG instead of Google’s proprietary software. This way, the ROM does not send data to the Google servers and does not track user activity. However, it is not the same as using the Google Play services and you will feel some shortcomings here and there. You can read more about MicroG on Wikipedia.

The ROM also provides an ad blocker to block ads and malware. The LineageOS’s default Google DNS is replaced by the Quad9’s ‘unblocked’ servers to prevent any app that is making a connection to blacklisted server.

You can read all about the ROM on the official XDA post of the ROM.

Android Version: Android 10

ROM Developer: vince31fr

Pixel Experience

Download for SIngle SIM Download for Dual SIM XDA Thread

Pixel Experience is based on the Android OS found in Pixel Devices. Google Pixel series has always enjoyed the best version of Android among all the Android devices. And Pixel Experience brings all the Goodies of Pixel OS like Boot Animations, sound and Ringtones, wallpapers, and system animations. You also get the Pixel exclusive features like Safety and Live Caption.
Pixel Experience along with LineageOS, is one of the most used Custom ROM thanks to its stability, great support from the devs, and of course the performance and battery life.
GApps come pre-flashed in the ROM, you can install the ROM and use it right away. If you want to use the best Android out there, then this is the ROM you need to flash.

Android Version: Android 10

ROM Developer:  fastbooking

SonyAOSP 11

Download ROM XDA Thread

It is an AOSP based Custom ROM with a very little amount of extra feature. It is a good ROM for those who don’t care about features and only want the pure Stock Android experience. The ROM is based on Android 11 but it is in a BETA state. Once the ROM becomes stable, this might become a strong recommendation as the best Custom ROM for Sony Xperia XZ2.

Android Version: Android 11

ROM Developer: MartinX3

eXistenZ Quindim

Download ROM XDA Thread

Based on Stock ROM but comes with extra features that are focused more on usability instead of visuality.

Android Version: Android 10

ROM Developer: niaboc79

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