GCam (Google Camera APK): Download and Install in your Smartphone

GCam Download and Installing Guide

Why use GCam?

HDR+ | Great Dynamic range

Google’s HDR+ is based on Image fusion technology which takes different images and then merges it into a single but more detailed image. It improves dynamic range and also give better low light shots. On Xiaomi Mi 1 which is only $200 smartphone, the low light shots are far better in GCam than the Stock camera app.

Portrait Mode

While some companies need dual camera setup for portrait mode and they still suck at it. Google released Pixel 2 XL with all Portrait mode entirely based on Software. And it is so great that even some top-tier dual camera setup fails to beat it in edge detection. GCam brings the top-notch algorithm to every Android smartphone. The Edge detection and Bokeh effect is good even on budget devices.

EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization)

This feature is still missing in many budget smartphone but with GCam you can record Stabilized videos. EIS stands for Electronic image stabilization which stabilizes video and makes it less jittery. It works perfectly on Redmi Note 4 which does not have EIS on Stock camera app.

Night Sight

Night Sight is a new feature in GCam 7.3 that made to capture images in a dark environment. It takes around 30 shots at different camera settings and then merges it to one, after applying the Image processing, the images come out with details and little to no noise in them when compared to normal shots.

Astrophotography Mode

It simply taking pictures of Night sky full of the star. It is a feature within Night mode.

GCam Download and installing guide

How to Install GCam (Google camera APK)

You need:

  • Android Smartphone with Snapdragon SoCs (2014 or later)
  • Android 7.0 Nougat or Latest
  • Root access only for that smartphone with camera2api disabled out of the factory
  • Camera2 API enabled
  • GCam apk


Camera2 api is already enabled on Custom ROMs like LineageOS and AEX.

Follow the below process to Enable Camera2api in your device, however, if your device has camera2api enabled out of the box, then Just download and Install the GCam apk.

Step 1: Root your Device (Magisk Manager recommended )

Step 2: Download Root Explorer, Edit Build.prop and add this line


or use Magisk Module

Step 3: Install GCam or Google Camera APK (Download link below)

Note: If your device is not listed below then Arnova8G2 and B-S-G Gcam port work perfectly on most of the phones. Get it here

Choose your Smartphone from the List:  


Device Name Download link
Redmi Note 3 Download
Redmi Note 4 Download
Redmi 4X Download
Xiaomi Mi A1 Download
Redmi Note 5/ 5 Plus Download
Redmi Note 5 Pro Download
Redmi Note 6 Pro Download
Redmi Note 7 Download
Redmi Note 7 Pro Download
Redmi Note 8  Download
Redmi Note 8 Pro Download
Mi A3 Download
Poco X2 Download
Redmi Note 9 Pro Download


  • No XML file means GCam is working good without any Configs.
Device GCam 6.X GCam 7.X XML/Config File
OnePlus 3T Download Download Download
OnePlus 5 Download Download Download
OnePlus 5T Download Download Download
OnePlus 6 Download Download Download
OnePlus 6T Download Download Download
OnePlus 7 Download Download Download
OnePlus 7T Download Download Download


Gcam for Samsung Galaxy S9+ (Exynos) with AR stickers working

Download both APKs from this link. One is the GCam and other is for AR stickers. You will also find a Folder named “Settings”, Go into that and change the settings of GCam according to the settings given in images.

Download the ARCore by Google

Google Play Services for AR
Google Play Services for AR
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free


Device Name Download link
Moto G8 Plus Download

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  1. your link to gcam versions for whyred (xiaomi redmi note 5 (pro)) users links to a page stating ‘I was asked by al_ro to remove all his apks from this website’. any other sources you might have? thanks

  2. I have Nokia 6.1plus ..I have installed gcam bit when I take selfies it turns into mirror image please suggest me how can I fix it??

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