Download and Install LineageOS 17.1 for Samsung Galaxy M51

Samsung Galaxy M51, released in September 202, is still a newly released smartphone to get good development support from the Community. But, the first Custom ROM is already out for this device and it is the Android 10 based LineageOS 17.1. The ROM is in an Unofficial state but that is expected as the ROM is in the early stage of development. The early release also means that there can be some rough edges so flash it at your own risk. In this post, you will find the flashing Guide to flash LineageOS 17.1 for Samsung Galaxy M51

LineageOS is the most trusted and most used Custom ROM for Android. It is an AOSP based Custom ROM that focuses on giving a Stock Android experience with some extra essential features. There are many great features in LineageOS 17.1 and it gives a good performance and battery life. LineageOS also push monthly security patches that ensure the safety of your device.

Lastly, I would like to remind you of the different risks that come with flashing anything on an Android device. Most of them are due to human error, like flashing on the low battery, flashing wrong files, and not taking proper backup. To avoid such scenarios, take a full backup of your files, so even if something goes wrong, you can fix it easily. Second, make sure to charge the device to 50% or more so flashing goes uninterrupted. Once you are ready, follow the Guide below.

LineageOS 17.1 for Samsung Galaxy M51

Table of Contents

Download LineageOS 17.1 for Samsung Galaxy M51

Download the ROM

Download TWRP


Proximity Sensor Fix

  • Visit the XDA Thread of The ROM before flashing
  • All Credit to the developer LahKeda

Issues (As of 11 January)

  • VoLTE is not Working
  • Proximity Sensor partially broken
  • SELinux is permissive
  • FM radio
  • Offline charging
  • Bluetooth audio during calls

About LineageOS

LineageOS is the most used and most trusted Custom ROM out there. It was started as CyanogenMod and known to be the first custom ROM or firmware which was able to make its way to some smartphone as pre-installed default firmware.

LineageOS is based on AOSP code and you will hardly feel a difference from stock Android. There are some third-party apps like Trebuchet, AudioFX, Clock, Dialer. Jelly, Eleven Music Player, Recorder, Snap Camera. All the apps are useful and there are no Ads in them. LineageOS comes without a Google app or GApps, you have to install them after flashing the ROM.

Due to its stability and performance, many other custom ROMs use LineageOS code as their base, some of them are Resurrection Remix and crDroid.

If you want a daily driver with good battery life and performance, then LineageOS is one of the best options for you.

Features of LineageOS 17.1

  • A new partial screenshot UI was implemented that lets you hand-select smaller parts of your screen and edit the screenshots.
  • Many of you have been waiting for news on themes since the CyanogenMod Theme Engine’s deprecation in CyanogenMod 13.0, and those of you in this boat are in for a treat!
    • AOSP’s new ThemePicker app was adapted to have the range of accents you’ve become used to with our old implementation, Styles.
    • Support for font change, icon shape (both QuickSettings and Launcher), and icon style changes (eg. changing the style of the Wi-Fi/Bluetooth icons).
  • Trebuchet has long been able to hide apps from the Launcher and protect them with a passcode/password, but now you can also use your biometric sensor to authenticate as well!
  • Wi-Fi display is available once again.
  • Support for on-screen fingerprint sensors (FOD) has been added.
  • Support for pop-up and rotating cameras has been added.
  • Support for Australian English, Lithuanian, Latvian, Dutch, Romanian, Slovenian, Serbian, and Turkish spell checking has been added to the AOSP keyboard.

How to flash LineageOS 17.1 Custom ROM on Samsung Galaxy M51

Instructions are from the Official XDA thread of ROM


  • Remove all Pins and Password so Decryption dont fail
  • Make sure to update to the latest Firmware
  • Flash the latest TWRP given above
  • Charge the device to at least 50%

Step 1: Flash the TWRP Custom Recovery on the Device.

Step 2: Take Full Backup

Step 3: Perform a Factory reset (Format Data) by Going in the Wipe Section

Install ROM in TWRP

Step 4: Flash the ROM zip file in the Install section

Step 5: Flash the Proximity Sensor Fix Zip file.

Step 6: Flash GApps (Download from Above)

The first boot will take some time so be patient. And that’s it, you have flashed the LineageOS 17.1 on Samsung Galaxy M51

If you are facing any problem or got a question, leave a comment below.

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