The Easiest way to make Photo Collage on Instagram Story

Update: In the latest Instagram (Confirmed on, The Layout has been Integrated into the Instagram app. You can now create Photo Collage by simply using the Layout features. Read below to know more.

If you are looking to make your Instagram stories better by adding Photo Collages, then this is the easiest way to do it.

Previously, adding multiple images was a lengthy task involving copying image from camera roll and pasting it back in Instagram, On top of that, It was an iPhone exclusive feature. On Android, Third parties apps like Swift keyboard were used to do the same Insta copy and paste trick.

But now, the photo collages can be created within the Instagram app itself and it is fairly easy to use. We will use the new “Layout” feature to make Photo collages. You do not need any extra app for this, all work will be done within Instagram

If you prefer the older way of using stickers and copying pasting, then we have also listed the process for that at the end of the post. So let us get started

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Table of Contents

How to create Photo Collage for Instagram Story

To create Photo Collage on Instagram, Tap on “Your Story” and then find the Layout mode by swiping left. Once on Layout mode, you can add photos from Bottom left side or capture new photos.

Let dive into the full process in detail:

(Photos by JJ Jordan)

Step 1: Find the Layout Mode

  • Tap on “Your Story”
  • Then Swipe Left to Find Layout Mode

Photo Collage for Instagram Story: Swipe Left

Step 2: Select the desired format for Photo Collage

Select Format for Collage

Step 3: Add photos from Bottom Left Side

Select Photos for Collage

select images

Step 4: Publish

Publish the Photo Collage on Instagram Story

Use the “Copy Paste trick” to add multiple photos in the Instagram story

Step 1: Save all the Photos you want to add
Step 2: Open Instagram Story and add a background (Solid Color or an Image)
Step 3: Minimise Instagram, and Open Camera roll
Step 4: Copy the image you want to add, You can copy the image by clicking on “Share” and then select Copy
Step 5: Open Instagram and click on “Add sticker” on bottom left side
Step 6:  Resize and reposition the image. Repeat to add more images

Use Stickers to add more images to Instagram stories

Save the photos you want to add to Instagram story

Step 1: Open your Instagram Stories
Step 2: Take a new photo or upload the photo from your camera roll
Step 3: Select the Stickers option from the top
Step 4: Select the “Photo” sticker or search for it
Step 5: Now select images you want add, repeat the process to add more

That’s it, folks! These are ways to create a photo collage for the Instagram story.

Let us know in the comment section if you have any queries.

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