Best Custom ROMs for Redmi Note 5 Pro (Whyred)(Android 10)

Redmi Note 5 Pro is one of the best Budget devices with excellent hardware but with a Mediocre OS. The MIUI isn’t that great when it comes to Android Updates. There are many best Custom ROMs for Redmi Note 5 Pro which bring the latest Android OS, features, and Performance.

Custom ROMs are the easiest way to modify your Android Device. These ROMs come with great features that are missing in MIUI or any other Android Skin out there. The best part is that they are free of Bloat and you can use Android to its full compatibility.

We selected these Best custom ROMs for Redmi Note 5 Pro by looking at there features Performance, Stability, and Updates frequency. You need Custom Recovery flashed in your Device, Check out the FAQs section to flash recovery and Download GApps.

best custom roms for redmi note 5 pro

Table of Contents

List of Best Custom ROMs for Redmi Note 5 Pro

  1. Pixel Experience
  2. EvolutionX
  3. HavocOS
  4. AospExtended
  5. LineageOS
  6. OxygenOS (Port)
  7. ion OS

Pixel Experience

Download ROM XDA Thread

Pixel Experience

Pixel Experience Custom ROMs is based on AOSP and it comes loaded with all Pixel stuff like icons, Fonts, Wallpaper, Animations, Boot Animations, and Ringtones. It is one of the best Android 10 Custom ROM for Redmi Note 5 Pro

But the main thing is that this ROM is an Android 10. This means you get all that Machine learning which adapts itself according to your usage. Some of the key features of Android 10 are Adaptive Battery, Digital Wellbeing, Adaptive Brightness, App actions, New navigation style, Rotate Screen Quickly, and other features that tune up the phone according to your use.

ROM OS Version: Android 10

Status: Beta


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Evolution X is an AOSP based custom ROM with all pixel stuff like Wallpaper, Sound, boot animations, fonts, and icons. The GApps are preinstalled in the ROM.

The ROM is based on the Pixel OS but comes with a lot of customizable options. The ROM also receives timely security updates.

ROM OS Version: Android 10

Status: Beta

HavocOS v3.2

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Havoc OS is an AOSP based ROM with modified UI and many features. If you want something different than the Stock Android and also want a lot of features then Havoc OS is for you.

This ROM is inspired by Google Pixel and it has a refined Material Design 2. There are many features in this ROM for customizations, have a look in the image:

Havoc OS features

ROM OS Version: Android 10

Status: Beta

LineageOS 17.1

Download ROM XDA Thread

LineageOS 17

LineageOS has always been a favourite among the Android community for its Stock Android experience with some useful features. It is one of the most used Custom ROM for Android because of its timely updates and stability.

Many Custom ROMs are based on LineageOS because of its stability, some of them are Resurrection Remix and crDroid.

LineageOS is quite clean compared to other ROMs. The Customization options list is small when compared to other ROMs in the list but the options available are very useful.

There is no bloat in the ROM except AudioFX which actually makes the sound better. The launcher used is Trebuchet which is a light browser and looks like Stock Android launcher but gives some extra options. If you want a Stock Android experience and a Custom ROM which can be your daily driver, then LineageOS is the ROM for you.

ROM OS Version: Android 10

Status: Stable

AospExtended v7.0

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AospExtended is one of the most used Custom ROM for Android. This ROM is based on AOSP and it comes with a complete Stock UI out of the box. It comes with Substratum theme engine support which allows you to apply any theme to all elements of Android.

The features of the AospExtended are available in the Extensions section in Settings. It is not as feature-heavy as Resurrection Remix. But all features are essential and helpful. AospExtended or AEX comes with few apps like Via Browser, A music player, and a wallpapers app.

Overall, AEX keeps the balance between performance and features and gives a Stock Android UI.

ROM OS Version: Android 10

Status: Stable

OxygenOS (Port from Oneplus 6)

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It is the port of Software used in Oneplus smartphones i.e OxygenOS. The ROM is almost Stock Android with some extra features. Users who are using the ROM gave positive feedback praising its stability and snappy performance.

ROM OS Version: Android 10

Status: Stable


Download ROM XDA Thread

ion OS

Similar to HavocOS and Pixel Experience, ionOS is based on Pixel Android OS with a lot of features to customize the device.

ROM OS Version: Android 10

Status: Stable


How to root and Install TWRP in Redmi Note 5 Pro (Whyred)

Rooting and Installing TWRP is quite simple and include 3 Steps:

First Download these:

ADB and Fastboot / Older version

Recovery for Redmi Note 5 Pro

Download Magisk: Non-Treble | Treble Version | For Android Pie

Step 1: Unlock the Bootloader, Enable OEM Unlock, and USB Debugging

Go to this Page and apply for Unlocking permissions. After receiving permissions download the Mi unlock, Install it and unlock the Bootloader

Enable USB Debugging and OEM Unlock in developers options ( Tap a few times on Build no. to unlock Developers options)

Step 2: Flash the TWRP by Fastboot

  • Install ADB and Fastboot Drivers and Go to C:\adb
  • Download the Recovery and place it in C:\adb folder and Rename it to recovery.img
  • Connect your Device to PC via USB Cable and Open command Window in adb folder and type this

Fastboot devices

  • This will list your Device and if the Device not listed then Install Drivers
  • Now, Assuming that you have moved recovery.img to C:\adb folder, type this in Command Window

Fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

  • That’s it! Recovery is flashed.

Step 3: Install the Magisk zip

  • Boot into Recovery by Pressing Power Button + Volume Up button at the same time
  • Go to Install Section and flash Magisk zip

How to Flash Custom ROMs in Redmi Note 5 Pro

  1. Download the ROM and GApps (GApps are already included in Pixel experience ROMs)
  2. Boot into Recovery and Go to Wipe section. Wipe Data, System, Cache and ART cache.
  3. Go to Install Section and Install ROM zip file
  4. Flash GApps if ROM doesn’t include them
  5. Flash Magisk if you need root
  6. Reboot

Which GApps to Download?

From OpenGApps

Here are GApps for Redmi Note 5 Pro: For Oreo ROMs | For Pie ROMs

I soft bricked my Redmi Note 5 Pro, What to do now?

Sometimes, due to some mistakes, the device can go into a Bricked condition which means it does not boot into the OS. The device just stops at the MI logo.

To Unbrick the Device, You can choose any one of the methods given below

  • Boot into recovery, perform a Full wipe and Re-Install the ROM.

If you can’t boot into recovery then connect your phone to PC via USB and flash recovery by using fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

  • Fastboot ROM method: See the¬†Dhananjay Bhosale Video to Flash Stock Firmware on any Xiaomi Device
Guide to FLASH STOCK ROM on any Xiaomi Device! TWRP & FASTBOOT Method!

How to revert back to MIUI firmware?

Watch the Video Given Above

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