Best Custom ROMs for Oneplus 6T (Android 10)

Best Custom ROMs for Oneplus 6T

If you are looking for some good Custom ROMs for Oneplus 6T, then check out this list we prepared. The ROMs on this list are stable and can be used as your daily driver

Oneplus 6T comes with the Oxygen OS, which is a pretty good OS because of its stability, performance and close to Stock Android experience with no bloatware. But if you want some extra modification capabilities and features then Custom ROMs are the best choice.

In this post, we have picked 4 best Custom ROMs based on their Stability, features, updates and performance.

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List of Best Custom ROMs for Oneplus 6T based on Android 10

  1. Omnirom Q
  2. LineageOS 17.0 (Unofficial)
  3. Evolution X 3.5
  4. crDroid v6.0

Omnirom Q



Omnirom is a feature-rich custom ROM based on AOSP. The ROM is filled with many useful features with a focus on stability and performance. Omnirom was also a top custom ROMs for previous Oneplus smartphones which make it a trusted ROM among Oneplus users.

Talking about the features, Omnirom allows modifying a lot of areas of the UI and OS. Here is the list of Omnirom features present in “OmniGears” section in settings:

Omnirom features

If you are looking for a Stable ROM with good performance and stability, this is the ROM for you.

LineageOS 17.1 (Unofficial)

Download ROM

XDA Thread

LineageOS 17

LineageOS has always been a favourite among the Android community for its Stock Android experience with some useful features. It is one of the most used Custom ROM for Android because of its timely updates and stability.

Many Custom ROMs are based on LineageOS because of its stability, some of them are Resurrection Remix and crDroid.

LineageOS is quite clean compared to other ROMs. The Customization options list is small when compared to other ROMs in the list but the options available are very useful.

There is no bloat in the ROM except AudioFX which actually make the sound better. The launcher used is Trebuchet which is a light browser and look like Stock Android launcher but give some extra options. If you want a Stock Android experience and a Custom ROM which can be your daily driver, then LineageOS is the ROM for you.

Evolution X 3.5




Evolution X is an AOSP based custom ROM with all pixel stuff like Wallpaper, Sound, boot animations, fonts and icons. The GApps are preinstalled in the ROM.

The ROM is based on the Pixel OS but comes with a lot of customizable options. The ROM also receives timely security updates.

crDroid v6.0



crDroid Custom ROM

crDroid is a LineageOS based Custom ROM with many features, apps and a UI based on Google Pixel. The reason that crDroid is pretty famous among the community because of its long list of exclusive features.

There are many pre-installed apps exclusive in crDroid, which are crDroid Music, File Manager, crDroid Home, and crDroid settings.

How to flash Custom ROM in Oneplus 6T

You should always follow the Installation procedure specified on the XDA thread of the ROM. Here are some points to be taken care of:


  1. Make sure you are on latest OOS Firmware or the version requested by dev
  2. Only the follow the flashing instruction given in ROM’s official XDA thread
  3. Remove any Screen locks or Fingerprint locks before flashing the Custom ROM. If not, the device will be encrypted and you will have to format the device.
  4. Take the full backup of your files
  5. Flash Pico GApps only to prevent bugs

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