Best Custom ROMs for Oneplus 7 Pro (Guacamole)(Android 10)

Best Custom ROMs for Oneplus 7 Pro

If you are looking for some good Custom ROMs for Oneplus 7 Pro, then check out this list we prepared. The ROMs on this list are stable and can be used as your daily driver

Oxygen OS, the Customized Android made for Oneplus, is a good OS on its own. But when it comes to features and customization, Custom ROMs are the best.

In this post, we have picked 4 best Custom ROMs based on their Stability, features, updates and performance.

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Table of Contents

List of Best Custom ROMs for Oneplus 7 Pro

  1. HavocOS
  2. Renovate Ice 9.0
  3. xXx NoLimits
  4. Pixel Experience
  5. BlissROM




Havoc OS is an AOSP based ROM with modified UI and many features. If you want something different than the Stock Android and also want a lot of features then Havoc OS is for you.

This ROM is inspired by Google Pixel and it has a refined Material Design 2. There are many features in this ROM for customizations, have a look in the image:

Havoc OS features

xXx NoLimits



Nolimits 5.1

Nolimits is not a Custom ROM but a magisk module which enhances the stock OxygenOS and adds many features to it. Being a Magisk module, it works systemless-ly and you get a lot of options in the installation so you get only selective features of your liking. Nolimits target battery life with extra tweaks and features.

It works over OxygenOS and all you need is a working Magisk (Rooted device) and TWRP. The best part is that OTA updates still work perfectly and doesn’t affect the Nolimits module, just Install the Magisk again and Nolimits settings will be there as same as before.

Key features of Nolimits:

  • Debloat
  • OxygenOS OTA working
  • Modded Apps Detaching from Play Store
  • Dolby Atmos legacy version
  • ViPER4AndroidFX
  • Busybox
  • SDcard Permission fix
  • Launchers (Nova, Action, Pixel, and Lawnchair)
  • Emojis (Android O, iOs, Emoji one, Samsung Emojis)
  • AdAway
  • Boot Animations
  • Substratum Theme Engine
  • Xposed – Systemless

Renovate Ice 9.0



Renovate Ice 9.0

Renovate Ice is a feature-rich Custom ROM based on OxygenOS. The feature is list is too big to include in the post so check all features on XDA thread of ROM. It is one of the best custom ROM for Oneplus 6

Renovate Ice comes as a Magisk Module. It can be flashed either with the Magisk Manager or with the TWRP.

The ROM comes pre-rooted with Magisk. This ROM supports RiCE tweaks app which allows tweaking of Custom ROM.

Options in RiCE tweak app:

  • Home
  • System UI
  • Application
  • Always on Display Colors
  • Statusbar Colors
  • Misc
  • Button/Remaps

Pixel Experience



 Pixel Experience

Pixel Experience is based on Google Pixel Smartphones OS. It contains all the goodies of Pixel OS like Wallpaper, Ringtones, boot animations, animations and all other things.

Furthermore, PE is one of the most used custom ROM among the Android community because of its timely updates of Android security patches and customizations features.

GApps comes flashed with this ROM so you can flash the ROM and use it right away.




Bliss roms

Bliss ROM is an AOSP based Custom ROM from a non-profit organization. According to the Bliss ROM team, Bliss ROMs focus on Performance, battery and customisations. You can also use Bliss ROM on any Window or Linus tablet or PC released in the last 4 years and sync the apps and settings between the devices. Learn more about Bliss OS here

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