7 Best Samsung Galaxy A50 Wallet Cases

Wallet Cases can be a great accessory for your Smartphone, especially if you carry a Debit/Credit Card with you, and the Wallet case also provides the best kind of good protection. Here are the 7 Best Wallet Cases for Samsung Galaxy A50.

Best Samsung Galaxy A50 Wallet Cases

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The Best Samsung Galaxy A50 Wallet Cases

  1. Polaland Wallet Case (Front Flap and Simple Design)
  2. Caseme Wallet Case (Simple Design with Cash Pocket)
  3. VRS Design Slim Wallet Case (No Flap, Slider Design)
  4. ProCase Wallet Case (Front Flap and Has a Mirror)
  5. Yogurt Genuine Leather Wallet (Front Flap and Genuine Leather)
  6. LAPOPNUT Wallet Phone (Complete Wallet)
  7. HianDier Wallet Case (Back Flap)

Polaland Galaxy A50 Wallet Case

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Polaland Samsung A50 Wallet Case

Polaland Wallet Case offers a Clean look with flat texture PU leather. Opening the Case will reveal two pockets and both can be used to store Credit or Debit cards. The interior is made from the flexible TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane) which can protect the phone from Shocks to some extent.

It comes with a magnetic closure that holds the flap in place and protects the cards from dropping. The kickstand feature allows you to watch movies in a much better way. The material used is PU leather or synthetic leather so you will see some Geniun leather imitation here, but overall, the design and the finish are really great.

Caseme Wallet Case

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Caseme Samsung A50 Wallet Case

Caseme Wallet case comes with two card slots for storing the debit or credit cards, and a large side pocket for storing cash. It is made from the PU leather with reinforced stitching which make this case premium by looks. You get a magnetic closure support along with kickstand feature.

The texture of PU leather is a little bit rough when compared to the Polaland Wallet case, which provides a firm grip. If you want to store some cash then consider this case, however, you have to fold the cash in the quarter to put in the pocket. At the time of writing, this case is selling for $8.99 which is a good deal.

VRS Design Slim Premium Wallet Case

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VRS Samsung A50 Wallet Case

VRS Wallet Case is a different wallet case then the traditional cases. First of all, there is no flap, so the case only covers the back and sides of the phone. Secondly, the Card slot is unique which includes an opening mechanism that is semi-automatic and slides sideways to reveal the compartment. You can store up to 2 Cards on the slot.

The material used in the case is high-quality TPU which makes it a shockproof case to some extent. The corners are reinforced and bulge out a little bit so the case can take drops and shock without damaging the phone. Speaking of the texture and feel on the material, it is like a hard plastic with a smooth feel to it.

ProCase Galaxy A50 Wallet Case

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ProCase Samsung A50 Wallet Case

ProCase Wallet is very similar to the Polaland and Caseme cases but adds a couple of things that make it suitable to a specific group of people. The Case is made from the PU leather and comes with a great finish. It has three card slots and a pocket to store cash. You also get a mirror that comes in handy when going to formal events.

The Case comes with Magnetic Closure and you also get the kickstand features. Talking about the texture of the material used, it is a smooth texture synthetic leather with two Color tone design. There are Three Card slots and a pocket to store cash, which makes it perfect for anyone who has more than two cards to store.

Yogurt Genuine Leather Wallet

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Yogurt Genuine Leather Case for Samsung A50

Yogurt Genuine Leather Wallet is the only case in the list that comes with real leather. The material used here is the Cowhide Genuine leather and it gives a very classic and sturdy look to it. Every Case is handcrafted which adds to its premium looks and feel. It comes with three card slots and you also get a magnetic closure feature.

This is the real leather, every batch of leather has a different color to it and comes with small wrinkles, black stains, dents, scars, and obvious scratches. These are some characteristics of real leather so do not accept perfect symmetry and smooth texture like other Faux leather cases. Also, the texture of the real leather changes with time, the oil from your hands will make the leather glossy and brings out that traditional leather looks, in other words, leather ages like fine wine.

LAPOPNUT Luxury Leather Wallet Phone Case

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Lapupnut Samsung A50 Wallet Case

If you have a lot of cards and cash to carry, then this is the Wallet you need. Lapopnut Wallet case is basically a complete wallet with a phone compartment. There are multiple compartments to store cards, cash, and coins. There are 10 card slots and one zipper compartment to store coins. You also get 3 pockets to store cash.

You can detach the wallet from the Phone casing which means if you dont want to bring all of the bulk with you at some point, then you can simply detach the wallet and still have the case with your Phone. There is no Kickstand in this case.

HianDier Wallet Case

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HianDier Samsung A50 Wallet Case

If you dont like the flap on the front of your phone, then check out the HianDier Wallet case that has the flap on the backside. The material used in this case is faux leather with a good finish. There are a total of 3 Card slots in which 2 slots are on the backside and 1 is on the flap.

There are two magnetic buckles to hold the flap in the place which works pretty well. It is a very simple case and probably the least bulky case on the list.

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So, these are the Best Samsung Galaxy A50 Wallet case you can buy right now. The list has every type of case for every type of user. If you just want a simple flap style case then Polaland and Caseme cases are really good. If you dont like the Flap designs the VRS Wallet case is well suited for you, or if you prefer a much simple traditional card slot design then the HianDier Wallet case is the one you should Choose. ProCase offers a mirror which can be a thing for some people, especially women, and then finally the Yogurt Genuine leather case, for people who love real leather instead of PU or Faux leather.

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