How To Pick the Perfect Phone Case for your Smartphone

How To Pick the Perfect Phone Case for your Smartphone

How to pick the best case for your smartphone

Our phones have such an important role in our lives. They help us with more than just talking to people. We use them for storing personal information, work necessities, cameras, calendars, and so much more. It’s really important to keep them safe and secure at all times.

The best way to ensure that safety is to use a really good phone case. A lot of people, mainly the younger generation, use phone cases to express their personalities. They get cases with their favourite teams, colour combinations, logos, sayings, or anything that they enjoy. Though they do take protection into consideration, it’s not at the top of the list for them.

There are many types of phone cases available for everyone to choose from, and a lot of them offer different qualities. Some are for personality expression as stated before, some are mainly for protection, some are a combination of both, some offer battery improvements, and so on. With so many different options, picking one for yourself can be overwhelming. So today, we decided to try and help you pick out the perfect phone case for your smartphone!

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Smartphone Case protection
Some Phone cases can absorb a lot of damage to protect the Phone.

The main reason why a majority of people get a phone case is for protection. The designs of the phones themselves are generally enjoyed by most, yet we choose to cover them up for a good reason.

When picking a case for protection, you have to think about your daily phone usage. Some cases are really thick and bulky. It can be challenging to pull it in and out of your pocket multiple times a day. Yet, those tend to be the safest. If you are naturally a clumsy person and are constantly dropping your phone, a case like the OtterBox series cases may be best for you. They all go through rigorous tests to ensure their strength.

Fully enclosed cases can be waterproof, scratch proof, and can stand up to physical force really well. These are perfect for people who care more about keeping their phones safe from damage overlooks. They don’t have the best-looking design, but some people prefer protection over beauty.

If you are someone who trusts yourself with keeping your phone safe, then a thick and strong case might not be best for you. The main cause for phone damage is from dropping them, and the main issue caused by dropping is a cracked screen. We have all seen a friend or experienced for ourselves what it’s like using a touch screen device with a cracked screen. It barely works, and can sometimes cut your fingers!

To prevent this, we recommend using a case that is rubber, not plastic. Rubber absorbs more shock and doesn’t allow the force to hit the phone as easily as plastic does. The thickness can be chosen based on personal preference, but a rubber case can save you time and money at the phone store getting repairs or a new one. Trust us. There are still plenty of rubber cases with cool designs to show your personality, but avoid plastic cases at all costs.


Some cases offer special features like battery charging capabilities. For people who are constantly on the go and always on their phones, it can be tough to find time to charge it. Some cases on the market offer pretty good protection, but also the ability to hold a full or multiple full charges. Imagine the feeling of getting on a really long flight knowing you have essentially a 200% charge on your phone! 100 on the regular phone battery, and another 100 on the case!

Smartphone Cases features
The Ridge Case offers a Wallet in the Case

Think about all the emails and games you can play for hours! Some phone cases also offer extra backlight for your screen, grips to hold the phone better, coverings for important ports like the charging port, and even bottle openers. There are also wallet phone cases, so you can have all your valuables in one place. You might find it worth it to splurge a bit and spend the extra money for a case with one of these features.


Now, this part is entirely up to you. Pick something that you either want people to notice whenever you pull it out of your pocket or something to be discreet. Either way, it’s your call. Just remember, it should be a rubber phone case. Give yourself a bit more peace of mind by leaving the plastic phone cases on the shelf!

Final Thoughts on the Perfect Phone Case

Knowing yourself and your daily habits are key to picking the perfect phone case. With so many types of phone cases on the market, you have plenty of options. You can find one that offers maximum protection, cool designs, or just a simple balance of all three. Either way, it’s your phone and your choice.

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