Download Google Camera (GCam) with Night sight

Google Camera or GCam with Night sight: Download and Install in your Smartphone.

Google took the “Best Camera” crown as soon as they released the very first Pixel smartphone. Thanks to the powerful image processing on Google Camera or Gcam, Pixel capture on-point Dynamic range with perfect details.

The Pixel 3 came with few extra perks which again use AI and Machine learning to further enhance the Image. Out of these few features, one of them is considered as Magic, That Magic is Night sight feature which captures Image with full details and light even though there is no light to capture. 

Thanks to the developers and thanks to the open source Android code, We got all of these Image processing in every Android smartphone. You can actually use Google Camera in your smartphone with Night sight working and if you have bought the right smartphone, then you can do it without any root.

Google camera GCam with Night Sight

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What is Google camera or GCam and what are the features?

Google camera or Gcam is an app ported from Google’s Pixel Smartphone. It brings the AI and machine learning capabilities of Google to other Android Smartphones.


HDR+ | Great Dynamic range

Google’s HDR+ is based on Image fusion technology which takes different images and then merges it into a single but more detailed image. It improves dynamic range and also give better low light shots. On Xiaomi Mi 1 which is only $200 smartphone, the low light shots are far better in GCam than the Stock camera app.

Portrait Mode

While some companies need dual camera setup for portrait mode and they still suck at it. Google released Pixel 2 XL with all Portrait mode entirely based on Software. And it is so great that even some top-tier dual camera setup fails to beat it in edge detection. GCam brings the top-notch algorithm to every Android smartphone. The Edge detection and Bokeh effect is good even on budget devices.

EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization)

This feature is still missing in many budget smartphone but with GCam you can record Stabilized videos. EIS stands for Electronic image stabilization which stabilizes video and makes it less jittery. It works perfectly on Redmi Note 4 which does not have EIS on Stock camera app.

Night Sight

A new features introduced in Pixel 3’s Google Camera. It uses the Machine learning and AI to bring Light to images taken in dark environment. Check out this Video by Beebom to compare Night Sight with normal mode.

Do I need root access to use Google Camera or Gcam?

Gcam needs camera2 API to work.

So its totally depends on the smartphone you own. Samsung and Oneplus are the two Smartphones brand of few which allows 3rd party apps to use camera2 API.

If you have an MI or Motorola smartphone then you need to enable camera2 API to use Gcam. You can do it by simply editing a single Line in the build.prop file or there is a Magisk module which will do it for you. Check out the next Section to enable it.

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How to Enable Camer2 API in Android Device to use GCam?

Step 1: Root your Device (Magisk Manager recommended )

Step 2: Download Root Explorer, Edit Build.prop and add this line

or use Magisk Module

Install this app and Check if you got all Green rights. If yes, then Camera2 API is enabled.

Manual Camera Compatibility
Manual Camera Compatibility

Download GCam or Google Camera APK with Night Sight working.

Some Smartphone gets support from an Individual Developer while some not. So your best bet is to use Arnova’s GCam which usually work in most of the devices. 

These two GCam should work on all Android Devices running Android 8.0 Oreo or 9.0 Pie.

Arnova’s GCam BSG’s GCam

These devices have saprate development of GCam for them so expect more Stabilty and performance.


Xiaomi MI 8 Download 
Xiaomi Mi Max 2 Download 


Oneplus 6 Download 


Samsung S9/S9+ (Exynos) Download

7 thoughts on “Download Google Camera (GCam) with Night sight”

  1. I’ve flashed magisk zip from twrp n installed magisk manager, what do I do next? Tried adding arnovas g cam in magisk module but it won’t work. Which cam zip should I download for Nexus 6 ?

    1. Download the Gcam APK file and Install it. If you want to Enable Camera 2 API which is needed for Gcam to work, then either Install the Module in Magisk manager or Edit the build.prop file, both of the methods are given above.

          1. Camera 2 api is enabled, HTC cam Apk got installed but gcam using getting installed. Tried many versions but no use. I guess 32bit architecture is d reason for gcam failure

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