Best Custom ROMs for Redmi 5 [Rosy][Android 10]

Here is the list of Best Custom ROMs for Redmi 5 which are stable, give a good performance, and can be used as the daily driver. All the ROMs in the list receive updates, have a good set of features and have positive user feedback.

If you are aware of Custom ROM, then you know the benefits it brings over the Stock Android. For the folks who are just starting with Custom ROMs, a Custom ROM is an AOSP (Android Open-source Project) based Android OS which can be flashed in your Android devices by using Custom Recovery.

The Biggest and most impressive advantage a Custom ROM brings to the table is timely software updates. Redmi 5 is still running on a December 2019 security patch and hasn’t received any updates since January, but you will get them in Custom ROM every month, at least on the Custom ROMs we have listed below. So let get started

Best Custom ROMs for Redmi 5

Table of Contents

List of Best Custom ROMs for Redmi 5 [Android 10 based]

  1. LineageOS 17.1
  2. Pixel Experience
  3. AOSP Extended
  4. Paranoid Android Quartz 3

LineageOS 17.1


LineageOS 17.1

The best Custom ROM for Redmi 5 is LineageOS 17.1. It is the most used and most trusted Custom ROM out there. It was started as CyanogenMod and known to be the first custom ROM or firmware which was able to make its way to some smartphone as pre-installed default firmware.

LineageOS is based on AOSP code and you will hardly feel a difference from stock Android. There are some third-party apps like Trebuchet, AudioFX, Clock, Dialer. Jelly, Eleven Music Player, Recorder, Snap Camera. All the apps are useful and there are no Ads in them. LineageOS comes without Google app or GApps, you have to install them after flashing the ROM.

ROM OS: Android 10

Status: Stable

Maintained by: baunilla

Pixel Experience


Pixel ExpeirencePixel Experience is an AOSP based Custom ROM inspired by Google Pixel Smartphone OS. It contains all the goodies of Pixel OS like Wallpaper, Ringtones, boot animations, animations, and all other things.

Furthermore, PE is one of the most used custom ROM among the Android community because of its timely updates of Android security patches and customizations features.

GApps come flashed with this ROM so you can flash the ROM and use it right away. It is very stable, and users who are using it gave fairly positive feedbacks.

ROM OS: Android 10

Status: Stable

Maintained by:  Pulkit Agarwal

AOSP Extended



AospExtended is an AOSP based custom ROM with some respectable amount of features. The UI is pure Stock Android with a Custom AEX wallpaper and an AEX boot animation.

There are three extra apps which are Via browser, Retro music player, and a Wallpaper app of AEX. Other than that, there is no bloat, and ROM is quite clean. If you ignore the customization options, the ROM can be said as Stock Android.

The Extension option in settings contains all the Customization options of ROM, There are a fair amount of features for the Status bar, Navigation bar, Lock screen, and System.

ROM OS: Android 10

Status: Stable

Maintained by:  xDoge

Paranoid Android Quartz


Paranoid CAF

Paranoid Android Quartz is the Android 10 based release of Paranoid Android. It is known for its innovative features and a unique take on how the Android experience should be like. It comes with many new features.

ROM OS: Android 10

Status: Stable

Maintained by: Vishalcj17

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