Download and Install Android 10 ROM for Poco F1

Download Android 10 for Poco F1

Android 10 is finally released and developers already started to work on making Custom ROMs for Android devices. Poco F1 is one such a device that got Android 10 ROM earlier than many devices.

If you are looking to install Android 10 ROM on your Poco F1 then you landed at the right post. In this post, we have given a full guide to flash Android 10 ROM on Poco F1 with all download links.

Keep in mind that it is an early build hence there can be some small bugs here and there but they will get sorted out in the future thanks to the developer of the ROM. The ROM is Pixel Experience, one of the most used Custom ROM in the Android community.

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Table of Contents

Download and Install Android 10 ROM for Poco F1

About the ROM

XDA Thread of the ROM

Maintained by:  jhenrique09

ROM OS Version: Android 10

ROM Kernel: Linux 4.x

Based On: AOSP

Status: BETA

About Pixel Experience

Pixel Experience is an AOSP based custom ROM which aims at bringing the Pixel OS to all Android devices. To achieve that, this ROM comes with all Pixel goodies like launcher, wallpapers, icons, fonts and boot animation. There is no bloat and the ROM is fast and gives good performance

About the Android 10

Android 10 is the latest version released by Google with a lot of new improvements in much-needed areas. With an increased focus on Privacy, the new Dark Mode and the improved Gestures, Android 10 brings a lot of long-awaited features.

Dark Mode

Dark Mode was a very requested feature and Google gave Dark mode in some of its Apps before. System-wide Dark Mode is finally here in the Android 10. It can save a lot of battery life especially if you are using an AMOLED screen. It also goes on your eyes.

Privacy Features

A more powerful set of Privacy features is not just necessary for the user but for the big companies too because of the hefty fines they are getting by Government.

The Permissions are now very strict and will ask if an app can use a particular thing like GPS or a Sensor every time, only when the app is open or it can’t use the Sensor at all. You can find the new Permissions manager in the Setting which will list all the apps using a specific sensor or service.

New Gestures

Android 10 finally brings a New Gestures system that can replace the traditional Three-button navigation system and Android Pie’s navigation bar.

Although the Gestures are inspired by iOS’s gesture (It is the same), the Gestures are now usable and are easy to use.

New Theming options

Theming options were found on Beta 2 version of Android 10 and are expected to come with the release of the Pixel 4 launch.

Focus Mode

Focus Mode Android 10

Focus Mode is a feature introduced to curb your Phone addiction. The main point of this feature is that you can select a bunch of apps that are distracting and you can stop them all for a duration of time. At that time, there will be no notifications and you won’t be able to use the app.

New Share menu

The New share menu is now ordered alphabetically and the suggested apps appear on top of the list. It is a big relief as the previous Share menu was a big complete mess.

Live Captions

Live caption is a feature that will display captions on a video played offline or with the Video player. It looks like a very good feature for Deaf and people with difficulty in hearing. Also, it can come handy at night when you don’t want to wake the person sleeping next to you.

Download Section

Download ROM

OFOX recovery


  • The device should be charged to 50% for uninterrupted flashing of ROM
  • PC
  • Drivers should be installed on PC for Poco F1

How to flash the Android 10 ROM on Poco F1

custom recovery

Step 1: Flash the latest Custom recovery

Step 2: Wipe cache (both), system and data

Note: If u r already on no need to flash vendor/firmware. Those who are not on, flash latest stable firmware, do not flash vendor.

Step 3: Flash the ROM zip file in the Install section

Restart ( First boot might take some time )

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