Stock ROM VS Custom ROM: Which One is better for you?

The selection between stock rom vs custom ROM is long debated topic amongst the smartphone users. Here, we have tried to make a comparison between the two and which one you should use as per your needs. Let’s discuss the topic in detail.

Stock ROM vs Custom ROM

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Android Stock ROM vs Custom ROM

Benefits of Stock ROM

Better Security: This is the untold and major benefit of having stock ROM on your device. When you buy a new mobile phone, it comes with a built-in stock ROM that helps you perform different tasks seamlessly. While these ROMs come from reputed manufacturers they don’t cause performance issues or cause any other malware issue. Here, even if you find any loophole in your device ROM, you can fix it through company service center effortlessly. Further, these ROMs are designed & developed after intense research & development so that you get the best thing for your device. Thus, keeping stock ROM for your Android device is always safe for security reasons.

Warranty: Companies do offer a warranty on your device when you are using a stock ROM. Here, the warranty may void with custom ROM. With stock ROM, you not only get a warranty on your device not only from device manufacturer but also from mobile service carrier and vendor also. Thus, we suggest you keep your stock ROM on your device to keep your warranty valid.

Premium Apps: With stock ROM, you also get access to some premium apps & features from your device manufacturer. Here, you may also get access to premium widgets, wallpapers and lot more. When you decide to go for custom ROM, you may lose all these features.

Advanced Features: In addition to premium apps & services, you also get access to some premium features with stock Android devices. These features come built-in from mobile manufacturers to offer more and more benefits to users. For example, you may find Swipe feature on your keyboard where you can swipe your finger to type a word. You may also find other similar useful features for free with stock Android phones. You may not find these features with custom ROM and not at least for free.

Better Stability: Further, stock Rom also offers better stability and device performance. Here, your device manufacturer keeps on releasing updates on regular intervals that help you fix any issue with your device stock ROM. Here, stock Rom also works well with your device hardware to offer better stability.

Better Cameraimagee Processing: One thing which Stock ROM does best is the Camera. Smartphones like Google Pixel, Samsung Flagships, Oneplus and HTC comes with Top notch algorithms and Image Processing which cannot be achieved by a third party Camera app. GCam or Google camera can click some good images but still, it is not better than Stock Camera apps.

Benefits of Custom ROM

Root Access: With custom ROM, you get access to root the device. With rooting, you can control your device features & functionalities completely. Though it is not mandatory to root the device to install the custom ROM when the bootloader is to be unlocked it becomes necessary to root the device.

OS Updates: With custom ROM, you can easily upgrade your device to the latest OS months before it is originally released by your device manufacturer. Thus, you get access to most advanced features easily with custom ROM. While most device manufacturers do not provide latest OS updates immediately, custom ROM offers a better solution to get the recent OS upgrades.

Customization Options: With custom ROM, you get access to a lot of additional features & functionalities on your device. Further, these features come with better flexibility for enhanced user experience. It allows you to customize your device look & feel completely in no time. You can also use these features to boost your device performance.

Supports All Applications: When you are using stock ROM on your device it becomes tough to uninstall pre-installed applications that come from your device manufacturer. Further, it also places certain restrictions to install various apps. With custom ROM there is no such limitation. Here, you can uninstall all bloatware from your device and install any of your favorite apps easily.

Better Compatibility with Mods: One of the main reason that People love Custom ROMs is that of Mods. Frameworks like Xposed and Magisk manager work better on Custom ROM because of the less modifies Android OS. Apps like Android P-ify and Substratum theme engine work great on custom ROMs. Some Custom ROMs have Substratum support out of the box.

No Bloatware: Some Smartphone manufacturers love to fill there Android OS skin with Bloat. Bloatware is the unnecessary apps installed on a device. Sometimes, the bloatware apps are system apps and you cannot uninstall them. Many Custom ROMs comes with nothing but bare minimum apps like music player and File manager. There are no Google Apps or GApps preinstalled on Custom ROMs, you have to install them separately.


So who won the battle of Stock ROM vs Custom ROM?

While there are certain pros & cons of using stock or custom ROM, it largely depends on your needs that determine the use of one on your device. If you find all the required features on your stock device ROM, then you can keep that for better stability & performance. In case, you are looking for more advanced features and ready to compromise your device security then you can opt custom ROM.

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