Install Treble Custom ROMs on Redmi Note 5/5+ (Android Oreo)

Redmi Note 5 Treble Custom ROMs

Redmi 5 Plus/Note 5 was released with some minor improvements over Redmi Note 4 but it still runs on Android Nougat while the competition is on Android Oreo. A leaked MIUI ROM (Android oreo) is already out but it gave Permanent Screen burn when it was flashed on some devices so stay away from it. 

MIUI 10 is still miles away from getting a “Stable” tag for Redmi Note 5/5+. But the development for Redmi Note 5 is going in a good direction as Project treble supported Custom ROMs already released. Check out these two best treble Custom ROMs for Redmi Note 5/5 Plus

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Android Oreo Custom ROMs with Project Treble Support for Redmi Note 5/5 Plus

Thanks to the developers blacksuan19 and mdeejay who have been working hard to make stable Custom ROMs and we have finally few Stable builds which can be used as a Daily driver.


DotOS is maintained by blacksuan19 and the latest build of Dotos is fully Stable with no major bugs.

There were some major bugs in all Android Oreo ROMs like Non-Working FPC Fingerprint, Random Reboots, and Interactive Governor. Thanks to the mdjeey for all the fixes.

Download DotOS 2.2 

XDA Thread (Check this Thread for Updates and Changelog)

Although it is an Unofficial build, it will be Official soon as the ROM is fully Stable.


The first Stable Android Oreo build, LineageOS by mdjeey is a fully Stable ROM with all Lineage features working perfectly.

Download LineageOS 15

XDA Thread (Check this for Updates and Changelog)

How to flash Treble Custom ROMs on Redmi Note 5/5+

You need:

Unlocked Redmi 5 Plus/Note 5

RWRP Treble

Zip file of ROM


Magisk Cust for Rooting (Optional)

Flashing Procedure

  1. Flash the TWRP Treble or RWRP Treble. If you are on TWRP (Non-treble) then you can still flash the ROM but after that, you need treble TWRP to flash Magisk Cust or any other Patch.
  2. Boot into Recovery and Perform a Full Wipe including Vendor.
  3. Install the ROM zip file and then GApps.
  4. Install Magisk Cust if you want root access
  5. Reboot

The first boot takes time and you will also get a Vendor mismatch Warning on Startup, just ignore the warning.

4 thoughts on “Install Treble Custom ROMs on Redmi Note 5/5+ (Android Oreo)”

  1. Levi Steeldrake

    I’ve caught that screen burn. Is it a software problem then or it became an hardware problem? Will it be fixed if mdeejay posted a fix?

    1. Hi Levi,
      It is a Hardware Problem. Screen burns are very rare in LCDs unless a ROM has messed up configuration, so the Leaked Oreo may have given too much Voltage to Screen. The Good news is that your Redmi note 5 is still in the Warranty period, so Flash a Stock MIUI to Lock the Bootloader and then MI Service will fix it for free. Just dont tell them it got burned due to Leaked Oreo ROM.

  2. Shubham malhotra

    Can twrp be used to install treble based ROMs? I am using this currently to install non-treble ROMs! Also please give the link of magisk cust and twrp for treble ROMs!!
    Reply appreciated in advance!!!

    1. If you are on Non-Treble ROM then you can flash Treble Custom ROM, but You need to flash Treble Based Custom Recovery with a Treble ROM to flash anything afterward. Links for Magisk Cust and Treble Recovery are in the Download Section.

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